Suisho bori grapevine pair yunomi cups

A very light and delicate cup with an exquisite design from Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture. The suisho bori technique has been artfully incorporated into the grapevine design, the "grapes" being small holes individually punched out by hand and then filled in with "secret crystal",a material whose exact properties are known only to the craftsmen of the kiln!
Delightful to look at and a joy to use.

Approx. Size: diameter 3.2"(8.2cm); height 2.2"(5.5cm)
Approx. volume: 120ml/4 oz up to the rim
Made in Hasami(next to Arita town), Japan by Tanshin kiln.

US$ 59.99 a pair (Shipping charges not included.) SOLD OUT
The cups can be sold separately at $30 each.
Shipping charges(for a pair cups):
$21.30 to North America by EMS
$24.00 to Europe by EMS

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