The cup you receive may differ slightly in appearance to the one shown in the main photo. This is because each piece is individually hand made and the same glaze pattern can never be exactly reproduced.


Oni hagi yunomi cup


Oni Hagi Yunomi by Shibuya Deishi

A smallish yunomi crafted in the Oni Hagi style which fits nicely into the palm. Enjoy the contrast between the rough clay and the thick, smooth glaze.The interior is glazed in white, making it easy to appreciate the color of the tea. Compliments the Oni Hagi teapot and Oni Hagi Yuzamashi by the same craftsman also featured on this page.

Approx. Size: diameter 3"(7.8cm); height 3.3" (8.6cm)
Vol. approx. 240 ml (7.6 oz)* up to the rim


Shipping charges
US$16.80 by Express Mail to Asia
US$22.00 by Express Mail to North America, Oceania, Middle East(approx. 4-5 days)
US$25.90 by Express Mail to Europe (approx. 4-5 days)

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