Oni Hagi matcha bowl (Kutsugata) by Shibuya Deishi

Deforme matcha bowl crafted in the Oni Hagi style. The unbalanced shape and the contrast between the rough clay and the thick, smooth glaze reflects the common concept in Japanese tea ceremony that a slight imperfection enhances rather than detracts from an item's beauty.
The interior is glazed in white, allowing one to better appreciate the color of the tea.
A very arresting and atmospheric piece.

Approx. Size: width 5.3"(13.6cm); height 3.5" (9cm)

US$262.50 SOLD

Shipping charges
US$21.00 by Express Mail to Asia
US$28.00 by Express Mail to North America, Oceania, Middle East(approx. 4-5 days)
US$32.50 by Express Mail to Europe (approx. 4-5 days)

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