Kutani yusai guinomi


Kutani yusai guinomi 2
Kutani yusai guinomi 3

(Please excuse the light reflections in the photos)

Kutani yusai guinomi sake cup from Hakuho kiln


A stunning cup showcasing the yusai technique, one of Kutani's modern styles. Combinations of different enamel glazes overlap to produce interesting fluid patterns.The interior is a particularly vibrant blue.


Handcrafted in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan by Hakuho kiln (Shibata Hakuho)

Approx size: diameter 2.7"(6.9cm), height 1.6"(4cm)



US$122.00 (shipping charges not included) SOLD


Shipping charges

$14.90 to Asia by EMS

$20.30 to North America by EMS
$24.35 to Europe by EMS

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