Noritake Totoro giftware - mug


Noritake Totoro giftware - mug


Noritake Totoro giftware - mug



My Neighbor Totoro mugs from Noritake #1, #2, #3


An absolute must for Miyazaki Hayao fans! These delightful bone-china mugs feature images from the 1988 animated movie "My Neighbor Totoro"produced by Studio Ghibli. The designs feature forest scenes which are crammed full of characters from the movie, making the mugs a colorful and charming addition to any table.


Made in Sri Lanka by Noritake
As the production of some Totoro items has been transferred to a Noritake owned factory in Sri Lanka, the items which you receive may have been made in that country. However, please be assured that all Noritake items are still produced to the highest possible standard.


Approx. size: diameter 3.3"(8.4cm), height 3.6"(9.3cm),

capacity 14oz (360ml)

Material: bone china

Designs: #1 January/February - Speedwell, #2 March/April - Dandelion, #3 May/June - Indian strawberry

The mug comes in a Noritake Totoro box.


US$42.00 each (Shipping charges not included.)

Shipping charges (for one mug):

$15.35 to Asia by EMS
$20.70 to North America, Oceania by EMS
$24.50 to Europe by EMS


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