Tokoname teapot Chaho - Yakishime Hana-obi

This small teapot is perfect for one cup (or two small cups) of tea, with an "obi" of embossed flowers around the lid and just under the rim. The teapot's lid has a ring instead of a knob, a unique and unusual feature which makes it easy to keep the lid in place while pouring the tea. The lid has an uniquely built-in ceramic mesh infuser for easy cleaning.
Handmade by craftsman Tsuzuki Yutaka of Daikouji kiln

Size: Teapot/cup
Width(max) : Approx. 9.2cm (3.6")
Height: approx. 11cm (4.3")
Pot capacity. approx. 200 ml(6.3 oz) (Up to the lid)

US$77.80 + Shipping charges SOLD OUT
(The lidded cup and the wooden tray are not included in the price.)
For the lidded cup, please visit Kyoto ware section

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* The teapot is suitable for Japanese tea as it is brewed at a lower temperature than other teas.
Brewing Oolong tea or Indian tea in the pot with boiling water makes it very hot to hold ( The teapot has no handle, so you have to hold the body of the pot, see photo).

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