Tokoname teapot Chaho - Sansai

A charming and beautifully finished teapot with a creamy, slightly crackled glaze. The teapot's lid is decorated with a simple flower design and has an uniquely built-in ceramic mesh infuser for easy cleaning.

Handmade by craftsman Tsuzuki Yutaka of Daikouji kiln

Size: Teapot/cup
Width(max). : Approx. 9.7cm (3.8")
Height: approx. 8.5cm (3.3")
Pot capacity. approx. 140 ml(4.4 oz) (Up to the lid)

US$62.00 + Shipping charges SOLD
(The lidded cup and the wooden tray are not included in the price.)
For the lidded cup, please visit Kyoto ware section

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* The teapot is suitable for Japanese tea as it is brewed at a lower temperature than other teas.
Brewing Oolong tea or Indian tea in the pot with boiling water makes it very hot to hold ( The teapot has no handle, so you have to hold the body of the pot, see photo).
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