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Shipping to Russia and Ukraine is suspended.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. While we are aware that the shopping cart system is very convenient, shipping charges can vary according to volume and destination. By calculating the costs of each order separately, we believe that we can give you the best possible value and save you money on combined shipments. Please do not forget to specify the item in which you are interested.

Many countries levy taxes and customs duties on imported goods from Japan as well as handling charges in the destination country. The buyer is solely responsible for the payment of these fees. Delays due to customs clearance are also probable, especially in EU countries. As the amount of fees charged and the period of time required for clearance and notification differ greatly by destination, we recommend that you contact the relevant authorities in the destination country for more detailed information.

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Quote also EMS shipping through an agent, Sagawa Express. This is almost 20% cheaper than regular EMS but may take an extra day to ship.

Quote also DHL shipping charges. Their charges (With shipping protection) are much higher than EMS, but DHL provides better service in some regions and countries.
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Fedex shipping quotes will not generally be available from mid-September due to the expiry of our contract. We can provide quotes under special circumstances but please be advised that charges are likely to increase over tenfold.

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