Yutanpo (Japanese Hot water bottle)
Warmth and comfort the good old fashioned way!

How do you warm yourself up on a cold winter's night? In Japan one of the options available is the" Yutanpo". Made of glazed earthenware and shaped rather like a flat stone, the Japanese "Yutanpo" is a heavier version than its British cousin, the rubber hot-water bottle. It has the advantage however of not leaving a lingering rubbery smell on the bedsheets! Boiling water is poured through the opening in the top and since it is very hot, the bottle is wrapped in a towel and placed in the futon to provide warmth all through the night.

In the old days, boiling great amounts of water every night for the family's bottles was a huge chore. However, the comfort was well worth the effort and since the water was still lukewarm in the morning, it could be used to wash one's face! Talk about recycling energy!
These days, with saving energy very much the fashion, "Yutanpo" are enjoying a re-emergence in popularity. The retro shape and rustic appearance appeal to the young and the senior members of society enjoy waxing nostalgic about the good times past.

Using a "Yutanpo" really makes one realise that sometimes, the simple things in life really are the best! zzz...zzz...

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