meiji Imari design cup and saucer

Meiji Imari design cup and saucer by Kisen - Iroe Umekikumon

Coffee cup and saucer with a wonderfully nostalgic feel from the Kisen kiln in Arita. The cup is decorated with patterns originally created for Imari porcelain exports in the Meiji period (the late 19th century). A wonderful way to bring a little taste of history into your everyday life.

Iroe Umekikumon - Iroe is the name given to the technique of over-glaze decoration. This method of adding color was introduced to Arita in 1640, 30 years later than blue and white sometsuke. Executed in traditional Kakiemon style, this pleasingly rounded cup and saucer, decorated with auspicious chrysanthemums and plum blossom exudes a sense of calm and tranquility.

Approx. Size: Cup diameter 3.5"(9cm), height 2.2" (5.8cm);
Saucer diameter 6"(15.3cm)
Made in Arita, Japan

US$ 69.99 (Shipping charges not included.) SOLD
Shipping charges :
$24.00 to North America by EMS
$28.00 to Europe by EMS

*Iroe Umegikumon are also available as rice bowls, yunomi (Japanese teacups) and Japanese teasets. Please contact us for further details.

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