Dragonfly teaset by Kisen of Arita

Dragonfly teaset by Kisen of Arita
Arita Dragonfly teaset by Kisen

A striking teapot with 5 matching cups in the traditional blue and white Arita colors.
Bold silver stripes etched with flowers and waves are interspersed with blue underglazed panels, giving the exterior of the cups and teapot a ridged texture.The interior is smooth and the cups feature a dragonfly design around the rim. The same design can be found on the teapot lid.
A very dramatic set full of Arita yaki character.
The teapot has a built-in ceramic infusor.
* The silver panels may grow darker with repeated use but can be restored to their original lustre by rubbing with a silver cloth or cleaner. Do not use bleach as this will irretrievably damage the silver.

Approx. size:
Teapot width (incl. handle) 6.2" (16cm); height 2.7"(7cm)
Cup diameter 2.9"(7.4cm); height 2.4" (6.2cm)
Teapot capacity: 270ml (8.5oz)
Made in Arita, Japan by Kisen kiln

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