Celadon Chrysanthemum Teacup from Kisen kiln

A delicate teacup from the Kisen kiln in Arita. The interior of the cup is graced with a stylised sometsuke chrysanthemum motif. There is a slight indented ridge around the rim which makes it very easy to drink from.
Cool and classy, an elegant way to enjoy your favorite Japanese tea.

Approx.Size: diameter 3.9"(10cm); height 2.1" (5.4cm)
approx. vol 180 ml /6 oz *up to the rim
Made in Arita, Japan

US$ 23.00 (Shipping charges not included.) SOLD OUT
Shipping charges(for one cup):
$18.60 to North America by EMS
$22.20 to Europe by EMS

*Wooden Gift box available when five cups bought as a set.

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