Potter’s profile ― Shibuta Toshiaki

1957 - Born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan
1980 - Graduated from Musashino Art University           

(Craft/Technology/Design Department) 

            Became apprenticed to Traditional craftsman Takatori Kanzan

1983 - Employed by  Bizen Touen

 Shibuta Toshiaki has won numerous awards and has exhibited widely in Japan as well as overseas.

Some of his achievements are listed below:

 1989- Exhibited at Issuikai Exhibition (again in ‘90,’91)

1991 & 1992 – Won the top prize at the Tanabe Museum Chanoyu Exhibition (also awarded           prizes in ‘93,’94,’95,’96,’97, 2010)

1992 - Held an exhibition at Asuka Gallery

1993 - Awarded a prize at the Japan Ceramics Exhibition and at the Ceramic Biennale

            (awarded again in ’95)

1994 - Held an exhibition at Hiroshima Sogo Dept. Store

1997 - Awarded a prize at Yakishime no Touki Exhibition

1999 - Held an exhibition at Bizenyaki gallery, Aoyama, Tokyo (held every year to present)

2000 - Exhibited in Helsinki City Museum, Finland

2001 - Held an exhibition at “Eya”, Niigata (held again in ‘’02,’03,’10)

2007 - Held a three man exhibition at Hiroshima Sogo Dept. Store

2013 -Held an exhibition at Bizenyaki gallery, Aoyama, Tokyo

Established ANAGAMA DE BIZEN in France

Lectured and held an exhibition at Musée national Adrien Dubouché

2015 - Participated the ceramic s symposium, organized by Paris Nanterre Univ.

2016- Invited to Paris Sevres ARTCERAM2

2017- Held an exhibition at MugenAn gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

2018 - Participated “Japonism 2018”, France Held an exhibition at Galerie Hayasaki, Paris, France

2019- Held an exhibition at Uncle Iwane Gallery, Okayama and
Taipei Pottery Perception Gallery

 The craftsman has a kiln in the hills outside Bizen, surrounded by wildlife (deer and wild boar) and graced with a view of the sea. He is continuously striving to find new ways of expressing himself, experimenting with many different firing techniques and creating interesting, innovative pieces.