Hagi set of five teacups by Shokouzaneiko kiln

Very attractive set of teacups from Hagi. The cups are roughly the same size and shape, although being handthrown, each has its own character. Slightly wavy edges and an interesting nubbly texture give them a rustic feel as do the crackled glaze and warm pinkish tones. Would make a good match for a Hagi teapot or any pot in an earthy color.

Approx. Size: diameter 4"(10.4cm); height 2.3" (6cm)
Vol. approx. 200 ml (6.3 oz)* up to the rim

US$105.00 The set of five is not available at the moment.
The teacups are US$21.00 each. Availability: 0 pcs Sold

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