Kutani ginsai pair cups

Kutani ginsai pair cups




"Ginsai" blue and pink pair yunomi from Soshu kiln


A highly lustrous pair of yunomi with a crackled glaze effect. The silver foil has reacted during firing to produce original patterns which catch the light and cause the colors to appear different from every angle. Very elegant and eye-catching. The slightly ribbed sides make the cups easy to hold.

Approx. Size:
(Large) diameter 2.7"(7.1cm); height 3" (7.8cm)

180 ml/ 6 oz *Up to the rim

(small) diameter 2.7"(7cm); height 2.8" (7.3cm)

160 ml /5.4 oz *Up to the rim


Comes in a paper box.

Hand-crafted in Ishikawa-pref., Japan by Soshu kiln

US$62.00 *Pair (shipping charges not included)


Shipping charges

$16.90 to Asia by EMS

$22.30 to North America by EMS
$26.35 to Europe by EMS

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