Kyoyaki "shikunshi" yunomi from Shohou kiln

Bright, vivid multi-colored yunomi, highlighting Shohou's exquisite "tubelining" techniques. The name "shikunshiki"refers to the four flowers and plants (orchid, bamboo,,chrysanthemum, plum) which are depicted in raised detail on panels around the cups. The interesting texture is pleasing to the touch while the dynamic color scheme makes a bold statement. The yunomi are completely hand-made which means that the sequence of color on each item may be different.

Approx.size: Large- diameter 2.7" (7.1 cm), height 3.4" (8.8cm), capacity: 240ml (7.5oz)
Small- diameter 2.6" (6.8 cm), height 3.2" (8.2cm), capacity: 200ml (6.3oz)

hand-crafted in Kyoto, Japan

US$75.00 per cup SOLD OUT

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