Japanese pottery/Kyoto ware -Kabuto yunomi by Yamamoto Ichiraku

Japanese pottery/Kyoto ware -Kabuto yunomi by Yamamoto Ichiraku

Kabuto yunomi by Yamamoto Ichiraku II

A colorful yunomi teacup decorated with a "Kabuto" Samurai helmet, a symbol traditionally associated with "Children's Day" in May, when helmets are displayed in the home to pray for the healthy growth of children. Note the seasonal flowers, wisteria, hydrangea and iris hand-painted in bright colors and the use of gold to give a sumptuous and celebratory feel. The surface has been scraped to create sculpted wavy lines, giving it an interesting texture. A classic sometsuke pattern can be seen under the rim on the inside of the cup with the remainder left white to better appreciate the color of green tea. A sometsuke border can also be found around the foot. A beautifully executed piece full of Japanese cultural symbols.

Hand crafted in Kyoto,Japan

Size: diameter 2.9" (7.5cm), height 3.6" (9.2cm)
Capacity: 240 ml (7.6 oz)


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