Genuine Somayaki handcrafted nagayunomi cups (pair)

This is a typical "meoto"(male/female) set in that the cups are two different sizes. The larger cup is considered a suitable size for a male hand, whereas the smaller one should fit nicely into a female hand. Sets such as these are popular as gifts for couples on occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.


Small cup: Diameter approx. 2.7" (6.9cm), Height: 3.3" (8.4cm), vol. 5.7 oz(170ml)
Large cup: Diameter approx. 2.8" (7.2cm), Height: 3.6" (9.2cm), vol. 240 oz(8.1ml)

Handmade in Fukushima-pref., Japan
Somayaki (Soma ware) is designated as a traditional craft by the Japanese government.

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