Banko super fine diamond-cut hiramaru teapot by Iroku

A supremely crafted teapot from a kiln with over a 90 year old history. The teapot's surface is covered in precise super fine diamond cuts which glint in the light to create a beautiful sheen. A perfect example of the craftsman's expertise, gained from years of experience. Iroku III, inherited the diamond cut technique from his father Iroku II, who also pioneered other detailed cutting techniques which are still produced today. Iroku III's committment to preserving these techniques and his consummate skill earned him numerous awards and prizes.
He is now sadly deceased.
Built-in ceramic mesh filter.
The wooden box is unsigned.
Hand-crafted in Mie pref. Japan by Master craftsman recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Mori Iroku III (1936-2014)
Approx size: length 14.5 cm / 5.7", height 8 cm / 3.1"
capacity up to the rim 230 ml / 7.7 oz

US$685.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD