Mashiko Samurai warrior plate by Ohata Koun

The tradition of hand-drawing brave Samurai warriors has been in the Ohata family for over three hundred years, although the present business (now in its third generation) was not properly established until 1889.
Considered as an auspicious image to promote the healthy growth of children, strong and courageous Samurai were drawn on long banners (similar to the battle flags of old), koinobori (Carp shaped streamers) and even kites, to celebrate traditional coming of age rites.
Normally drawn on a paper or fabric medium, it is unusual to find an Ohata Koun drawing on pottery, which makes this piece all the more rare and interesting.
The technique is shown up to its best advantage on this Mashiko plate, with intricate brushstrokes carefully depicting the horse's mane and Samurai's whiskers. Note also the life-like dappling on the horse's neck and the intricate detail on the armor.
A very dynamic and original piece.

Artist: Ohata Koun
Approx. size: diameter 14.4 "(36.6cm), height 2.5"(6.4cm)
Origin: Tochigi-pref., Japan 

US$1,100.-- (shipping charges not included)

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