*The tea ceremony goods on the tray as well as the tray itself, are sold separately.

Washi and Bamboo wall hanging with mini vase

A Japanese paper (washi) wall hanging in a lovely deep shade of green. The bamboo design is cut out by hand and backed with very thin semi-transparent fabric. The thin bamboo tube attached to the bottom makes a perfect receptacle for a single bloom or a flowering branch which can be changed according to the season. Wall hangings such as these are a popular feature in Japanese houses and this simple wall hanging will allow you to create some of the same atmosphere in your own home.
Small and light enough to hang almost anywhere and very charming when displayed with other Japanese items.

Approx.size: Width 8.8"(22.5cm), Length 15.3"(39cm)
Material: Paper, fabric, bamboo

Handcrafted in Japan
US$22.50 (shipping charges not included.)

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