Shudei chrysanthemum engraved teapot with layered cut-outs by Shunen II

An intricately engraved high-end piece, featuring the sukashibori technique. The “windows” on the teapot's body feature punched out designs. Two inner layers of clay have been added in contrasting colors to create a three-dimensional effect. The engraving on this teapot is pure Shunen in its exquisite attention to detail and pleasing color balance.

The body is shudei orange red and the chrysanthemum petals are white with dabs of pale orange. A compact piece which perfectly showcases the craftsman's art.
Built-in ceramic mesh filter
Handcrafed in Tokoname, Japan by a skilled craftsman, Shunen II (Mr. Mano Shun-en), winner of various national prizes.
Length (body + handle): Approx. 14.1 cm / 5.5", Height: 9 cm / 3.5"
Vol. approx. 300 ml / 10.1 oz

US$990.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD