Kutani yaki Kitamaebune plate by Kitamura Takashi


Kutani handpainted Kitamaebune ship plate by Kitamura Takashi

A Japanese merchant ship sails out of port with sailors on board and waves lapping against the stern on this beautifully decorated, hand-painted deep plate (or shallow bowl) by Kutani master craftsman Kitamura Takashi.
Merchant ships such as these were a common sight in the late 19th century, sailing out of Kaga ( now present-day Ishikawa pref., home of Kutani yaki) and plying their wares along the north coast.
Notice the careful details such as the woodgrain on the decks, the frothy foam of the waves and the ship's name written in tiny characters on the stern.
The craftsman pays homage to the old Kutani techniques, using the traditional colors of green, blue, yellow and purple and utilising a geometrical pattern for the sea and around the rim, which is further embellished with "Houjumon", treasure motifs.
A pleasant surprise awaits on the reverse of the plate, where a beautiful Arabesque pattern is painted on the underside of the rim.
Lovingly crafted and full of characteristic details. A very impressive piece of art in the best Kutani tradition.

Artist: Kitamura Takashi
Approx. size: diameter 15.7"(39.8cm)
Origin: Ishikawa-pref., Japan 
US$9,000.00 (shipping charges not included)

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