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Updated on: April 17, 2015

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Japanese teapots/ Tokoname Teapots
Tokoname Kyusu are
#1 teapots in Japan!

Echizen pottery

Artistic Focus showcases
innovative artists

Arita pottery and porcelain
High quality Japanese porcelain items loved for generations (also known as Imari).

Japanese teapot/cast iron teapots and tetsubin kettles - Iwachu
Cast iron teapots and
tetsubin kettles

Hagi pottery
Traditional Japanese pottery loved by tea masters for centuries.

Tanba Tachikui pottery
Rustic elegance born
from years of tradition

Bizen pottery
Dramatic wares created by the dynamic convergence of fire and air

Iga pottery
Igayaki - created in harmony with its natural surroundings.
Banko teapots and a variety of ceramic items
from Mie-pref.

Satsuma ware
30% off the listed price

Japanese pottery - Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki,Kyoto ware
Kyoto ware
Hand painted teacups etc.

Japanese Porcelain & Pottery - matcha bowls
Various Matcha-wan,
Chasen, chashaku etc.

Osaka tin ware tea caddy

Japanese Porcelain & Pottery - Kutani masterpiece by Choza Yamamoto
Quality blue & white Kutani
Porcelain by Choza
Oribe-The taste of the ancient tea masters reflected in the distinctive green glaze.
The taste of the ancient tea masters reflected
in the distinctive green glaze.

Japanese pottery - Kutani ware
Traditional to modern Kutani ware(Vases,cups,matcha bowls)
Soma pottery
Unique pottery from Northern Japan (Soma ware) Somayaki
Japanse studio glass Tsukiyono
Japanese studio glass
in Tsukiyono
Sakura bark teacaddy
Cherry bark tea caddies, saucers, tea scoops, teapot rests, trays etc.
Hida Shunkei lacquerware &
Yamanaka lacquerware (trays, saucers etc.)

Noritake & Okura china teaware
+ Totoro giftware by Noritake

Tsugaru nuri lacquerware
Traditional Tsugaru lacquered trays, soup bowls, chopsticks.
Gold leaf crafts
Quality Kanazawa gold leaf boxes, trays, hand mirrors etc
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Artistic Nippon Outlet - low price Japanese teaware
Japanese Porcelain & Pottery - cats ornaments

The Artistic Nippon Gallery featuring fine art pieces
Kutani old maneki neko

Mashiko Koun samurai plate

Japanese pottery -Hagi aohagi vase

Kutani Ninsei style phesant incense burner

Kutani handpainted plate by Kitamura Takashi

Kutani Shoichiro mandarin duck plate

Artistic Nippon Return Policy
All our goods are guaranteed as genuine. If you are not satisfied with the goods which you receive, return the goods to us unused, at your own expense within 8 days. Only the value of the goods will be refunded. (Proper packing and shipping & insurance are desirable.)
We check our products thoroughly for any defects before shipping. Should any manufacturing defects escape our notice, please return the goods. Once inspection has been completed and the defect confirmed, the full value and the return postage fee will be refunded.
In the case of any loss or damage to the products during transportation, we can arrange the replacement upon the completion of an insurance claim.

Slight color variation may occur between the picture on your screen and the actual goods due to difference in computer setting as well as the quality of the original picture. We ask you for your co-operation and understanding on this matter.

Nippon Diary - Portraits of Japanese Life
Japanese porcelain and pottery
Glossary of terms

1) Edamame
2) Hotpot
3) Shizuoka - Heart of green tea

4) Japanese hot water bottle (Yutanpo)
5)Fishing fleet flags - Tairyo-bata

6) Ippodo tea store (Kyoto)

7)Uji - the small town with a world-wide reputation
8)The Raku museum
9) Soba buckwheat noodles
10) Japanese New Year Food

Home town of Yoshikawa Toki - Choshi, Japan

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