Kutani "Oshidori" plate by Takegoshi Shoichiro

Kutani handpainted Oshidori plate by Takegoshi Shoichiro

A magnificent plate bearing the traditional motif of two "oshidori" birds closely nestled together. The "oshidori" is a species of duck, known for the closeness of the male and female birds. So much so that in Japan, a particularly loving couple is often nick-named "Oshidori fufu" which can roughly be translated into the English equivalent "a couple of lovebirds"!
Master craftsman Takegoshi Shoichiro has made full use of the vibrant Kutani colors to capture the glorious plummage of these regal looking birds and the slightly off-center border, decorated with small round crests gives the plate an interesting perspective.
This piece featuring detailed brushwork and an acute sense of color is a fitting testament to the artistic skills of Takegoshi Shoichiro, a renowned Kutani craftsman and the recipient of numerous awards.,

Artist: Takegoshi Shoichiro
Approx. size: diameter 12"(30.5cm),height 2.5"(6.5cm)
Origin: Ishikawa-pref., Japan 
US$2,600.00 (shipping charges not included)

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