Kutani pheasant incense burner

This magnificent overglaze incense burner is modelled on the famous cock pheasant incense burner,a national treasure housed at the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, created by the illustrious Kyoyaki artist Nonomura Ninsei. Like the original, the bird's plummage is richly detailed and the craftsman has made good use of the traditional Kutani colors of blue, yellow and green, outlined in gold, to give the piece a truly sumptuous feel. With it's keen gaze and regal poise, this bird would make a striking addition to any Japanese ceramic collection.
Signed by the Kutani craftsman Kazunobu

Approx. size: height (head)5.5" (14.1cm),
length (beak to tail)10.6" (27cm)

US$300.00 (shipping charges not included)
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