Kohiki standing cranes cup from Seizan kiln

A lovely simple cup from the Seizan kiln in Kyoto made from coarse clay covered with a transparent crackled glaze. The earthy grey base is covered with a white pigment which further graduates to pink towards the interior of the cup. Small dents have been made in the side to provide the form for the bodies of two spindly cranes which have been drawn on in a charmingly naive style.
The cup fits nicely into the hand and the ribbed texture makes an interesting contrast to the smooth glaze.

Size: diameter 3.5" (9cm), height 2.2" (5.8cm)


Shipping charges

US$13.90 by Express Mail to Asia
US$19.00 by Express Mail to North America, Oceania, Middle East(approx. 4-5 days)
US$22.80 by Express Mail to Europe (approx. 4-5 days)


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