Mogake tea jar by Hokujo

A lovely round jar which amply showcases the precision of the craftsman. Both the inner and outer lids fit snugly, and the jar is very light. Featuring the traditional mogake technique, (a process of applying seaweed on unglazed pots, the salt from which oxidizes with the clay during firing and causes the unique pattern seen on the photos above), it has a simple, rustic feel. Especially designed for use in the tea ceremony or for serving special guests.
*As the jar is made of clay, it does not have the same airtight properties as plastic or tin and is therefore not suitable for storing tea for a long period of time.

Handcrafted by Hokujo (Mr. Shimizu Genji), Master craftsman recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Approx. size: diameter 9cm (3.5")
Height: 9.4cm (3.7")
Made to accomodate 100 grammes of green tea.

US$210.00 (Shipping charges not included) *availability 0

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