Mr. Maekawa Junzo

Shudei tall yunomi cup by Maekawa Junzo

Made with scarce Tokoname clay for shudei brick orange teapots and cups. This clay was kept in a company in Gifu-pref. for about 40 years until it was brought back to Tokoname.
Maekawa Junzo has been presented with awards for his work at the Choza Prize Exhibition as well as other national contests.

Handcrafted in Tokoname, Japan by Maekawa Junzo

Approx. size: diameter 8.2 cm - 8.5 cm / 3.2" - 3.3", height 9.3 cm - 9.7 cm / 3.6" - 3.8"
Approx. volume 290-310 ml / 9.8 oz - 10.4 oz

US$37.00 per cup (Shipping charges not included.) SOLD OUT


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