Japanese Chrysanthemum teaset by Kisen of Arita

Japanese Chrysanthemum teaset by Kisen of Arita

Wild flower teaset by Kisen

Teapot and five matching cups from the Kisen kiln in Arita. The exterior of both teapot and cups are decorated with colorful wild flowers typically found in the Fall. The vivid colors are particularly eye-catching against the pure white glaze so typical of Arita yaki. The interior rim of the cups feature "Yourakumon",dark blue sometsuke design inspired by Indian motifs and resembling beads on a string. The bottom of the cup is left white in order to better appreciate the color of green tea. Great for lifting your spirits on a grey day, this set is particularly suitable for entertaining friends.
(Note that in Japan, cups are normally sold in sets of 5, four being considered an unlucky number).
Teapot has a built-in ceramic mesh infusor.

Approx. size:
Teapot width (incl. handle) 6.8" (17.5cm); height 3"(7.7cm), 11oz(350ml)
Cup diameter 2.9"(9.6cm); height 2.3" (5.9cm)

Made in Arita, Japan by Kisen kiln

US$136.00 (Shipping charges not included.)
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