Teacup by Arita artist, Miyazaki Yusuke

Teacup by Arita artist, Miyazaki Yusuke

Hand-painted somestuke bamboo rabbit yunomi (teacup) by artist Yusuke Miyazaki

Classic Arita designs with an Asian twist. Talented artist Yusuke Miyazaki takes traditional Arita motifs as his inspiration and creates original and interesting pieces in his own trademark style. Featuring slightly exotic color schemes, beautifully understated sometsuke and comically drawn rabbits, this teacup is charming and very unique.

Approx. Size: Cup diameter 2.9"(7.6cm); height 3.3" (8.6cm)
200 ml (6.3 oz)
Made in Arita, Japan by artist, Miyazaki Yusuke

US$79.99 (Shipping charges not included.) SOLD
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