Hyoutan (gourd) arare tetsubin by Kiyoshige III of Iwachu with fukuro tsuru (hollow handle)

Kiyoshige is the name given to the apprentices of Iwashimizu Suekichi, the founder of Iwachu. This kettle was made by the third generation Kiyosue who is carrying on the traditional techniques perfected by his master.
The name "arare" in the title refers to the hobnail pattern on this kettle.
This kettle is rather unusual as it has a hollow handle, a feature which is normally reserved for kettles of a much higher price. This is because it is hammered out of one sheet of metal by a skilled craftsman and requires a lot of time and expertise to produce. Therefore only small quantities of this type of handle can be made. The little holes on the handle ("mushi kui", literally "bug bitemarks"!) are to let out the heat and make the handle cooler to hold. The handle is fixed in place and cannot be folded down. Rattling knob.
This kettle has been specially treated by steam baking for 30-40 minutes, an oxidization process which improves its rust proof qualities. Despite this, care should always be taken to empty the kettle thoroughly after each use.
Length : Approx. 18.4 cm / 7.2", Height: 19.8 cm / 7.7",
Vol. approx. 1.3 liter / 44 oz

Handcrafted in Japan by Traditional craftsman "Kiyoshige III, Yaegashi Akira" of Iwachu

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