How to care for your rusty cast iron kettle

How to care for your rusty cast iron kettle Some kettles may develop rusty areas with use. This is particularly common around the lid and spout. The kettle pictured was used for about a year without any special attention paid to the rusty areas.Despite the dramatic change in color, the quality of the water boiled in the kettle was not affected. However in order to restore the beauty of the kettle and to prevent a further spread, some simple maintenance was deemed necessary.

The orange color of the rust can be darkened by wrapping used tea leaves in a muslin cloth or handkerchief and dabbing the affected areas.

Leaves left over after two or three infusions can be used.

For best results dab around the affected areas while the kettle is still warm. This process may have to be repeated many times depending on the extent of the rust.

The tannin in the tea reacts with the rust gradually turning it darker.

Once you are satisfied with the result, leave the kettle to dry and apply a little salad oil to the affected areas as a finishing touch.
This maintenance process will work for most of the kettles featured on our website. However, results may differ according to types of finish and color. We strongly advise prior testing on inconspicuous areas for colored pieces. Please note that we cannot vouch for its efficacity on kettlesof other makes or assume responsibility for any adverse effects that may occur.