Kutani - Gourd shaped Akae vase

Exquisitely detailed, elegantly styled vase by "Akae" (red pigment) artist Komekyu Kazuhiko.
Six beautifully decorated panels, repeated once, swirl around the rounded body giving an impression of fluidity and grace.
It is awe-inspiring to consider that the precisely aligned and intricate geometrical designs are all hand painted! They create a intensely complex web which draws the eye forever inward in search of echoing shapes and reflected images.
In contrast, the deep red panel with it's traditional lucky symbols adds a lighter whimsical touch.
Sumptuous red and gold as opposed to pale red on pure white porcelain, modernistic angular lines coupled with curving lines and charming motifs. All these differing elements blend together to produce a perfectly harmonious whole. A triumph of balance and beauty which could only have been produced by the most competent of craftsmen.

Artist: Komekyu Kazuhiko, Akae artist
Approx. size: height 8.9"(22.8cm); diameter 4.6"(11.8cm)
Origin: Ishikawa-pref. , Japan 
US$3,200.00 (shipping charges not included)

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