Tokoname ceramic mesh filter "Sasame"

Tokoname teapots are renowned for their high quality of craftsmanship. They possess qualities which contribute to improving the taste of the tea, from the ferric content of the clay to the shape of the pots. Great thought has been given to the design of the pots, not least the presence of the built-in ceramic mesh filter. It dispels the need for separate tea-strainers and allows more room for the tea-leaves to "jump". Small and simple as it may be, the contribution of the "sasame" to the popularity and practicality of Tokoname teapots cannot be ignored.

How "sasame" ceramic mesh filters are made at Shoryu kiln:

1) Circles are cut out of long, thin strips of clay.

2) The mesh pattern is acheived by placing in a press machine.
3) The mesh is molded into a concave shape with a hand-held tool

4) The completed mesh is ready to be attached to the teapot before firing

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