Yoshikawa Toki Co. (Yugenkaisha Yoshikawa Tokiten)

1-41-51, Araoi-cho, Choshi, Chiba, 288-0056 Japan
Tel. +81-479-22-0784
Fax. +81-479-22-0787
E-Mail: webmaster@artisticnippon.com

If you do not get reply from us for a few days, please try to resend your e-mail to
our alternative e-mail address: webmaster@yoshikawatoki.com
We are happy to assist our customers with their inquiries. However as we are retailers, not professional valuers, please understand that we are unable to undertake valuations of personal items. Recipients of the "Excellent Shop Award " presented by The Japan Chamber of Commerce.


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Yoshikawa Toki Co, Choshi, Chiba, Japan
Specialized porcelain n pottery store
Tokoname teapots on prominent display in our teapot section. While Tokoname teapots are our main brand, we also stock other kinds as our aim is to cater to a wide variety of tastes, from traditional Japanese tea to Indian, Chinese and even herb infusions.


Various Ochawan (rice bowls)

Rice bowls and Japanese yunomi tea cups are popular gift items. Customers also enjoy selecting for their own personal use, delighting in the wealth of different styles and designs offered by the numerous kilns in operation in Japan. We also have plates and bowls from various makers as well as ornamental vases and plates from major pottery producing areas such as Kutani, Arita and Kyoto.
Tokoname maneki neko (beckoning cats) can be seen in stores and shops throughout Japan. Traditionally considered as a good luck symbol, thought to attract new customers, they are a popular gift to new businesses. They come in many different sizes and styles and can also be displayed in the home.
Chopsticks occupy a very special part in the Japanese culinary lifestyle. Used everyday, each member of the family likes to have his or her own personal set, carefully chosen to suit their needs. This is why we offer a large selection ranging from the highly ornate real Japan lacquered varieties to simple, natural types. We also have chopsticks in fun designs for children. The chopstick rests seen on the bottom shelf are a great table accessory and can be changed according to the season or the the table-setter's mood!.


Kagami crystal/Edokiriko

Japanese incense pots(Kouro)


Shigaraki incense holders/Takaoka copper incense holders/Nanbu cast iron incense holders

Seven gods maneki neko


Flower vases & umbrella stands