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Tin ware has a long history in Japan. First introduced to the country about1300 years ago, tin was considered second only to gold and silver in terms of value and was used to make goods for palaces and shrines.
Later when tea culture arrived from China,it was used to make containers and vessels for tea.
Artistic Nippon are pleased to offer quality tin ware from Osaka and Toyama to enhance your tea and sake experience.
One of the major advantages of tin ware is that it is odorless, making it especially suitable for storing tea, keeping the tea fresh and fragrant.Traditional tea chests used by merchants in the old days were actually coated with tin on the inside because of this quality. Tin also contains a coarse molecular framework which is good at absobing impurities. Thus it is considered the perfect material for sake ware. It has also been used as dinnerware from ancient times and has proved itself to be safe for food use.
Osaka became a major production center when craftsmen came to the city during the Edo period.The business grew rapidly with over 250 craftsmen working there.
Things changed drastically when tin became scarce during the second world war, and it proved impossible to restore the industry to its former glory. The Osaka Suzu-ki Co. came into being in 1949 when a group of 5 craftsman families banded together to establish a new company. In 1983 Osaka Suzu-ki products were recognized as a traditional craft (Osaka Naniwa Suzu-ki) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Today a total of 14 craftsmen, three of whom are certified Traditional Craftsmen, ply their trade according to the traditions passed down from their forefathers.
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Japanese tea caddy - tin ware



Japanese tea caddy - tin ware SOLD

Sakazuki utage

Tin guinomi sake cup SOLD

Some other items we have in our actual store.

Tinware sake warmer Chirori

Osaka Tin saucers

Nousaku was established in Toyama in 1916.
Their items are recognized for their innovative designs, pursuing a balance between the old traditions and a fresh, contemporary style.

NOUSAKU sake cup - gold

NOUSAKU sake cup - Fujiyama

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