Meeting Mr. Konishi Yohei #2


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Konishi Yohei san fired his wood-fired cave kiln at the end of May just prior to my visit to Tokoname in June, 2012. This meant that I got to see a wide variety of his new teapots. All of his pieces are unique, and he always has so many exciting new teapots to show me. In spite of the wealth of his experience his mind is still young and he keeps on getting more and more creative year by year.





Mr. Konishi Yohei was extremely happy with the outcome of the last firing.

I can certainly say that during my recent visits to Tokoname this was the first time that I was able to find so many beautiful pieces in one place.


This picture is of the inside of the cave kiln cooling down after firing.

The color of the blue teapots is achieved by adding cobalt to the clay.



Mr. Konishi Yohei showed me a hundred lanterns which he made to send to Tohoku to calm the souls of the dead after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011.


Every lantern has a different style!





The lanterns look as if they were made of bronze, but they are all pottery.



His favorite place.

He loves to pick some vegetables from his garden and enjoy them with a glass of beer.




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