Mr. Tsuzuki Seiho

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Mr. Tsuzuki Seiho's kyusu are one of the best selling teapots in our store. The maple leaf design was one of the first kyusu that I sold on my website. Initially people were surprised to hear that real maple leaves were used to decorate the pots, showing the very detailed veins. I wondered how Seiho got a supply of maple leaves all year round. He explained that he keeps the leaves in the refridgerator. The elaborate maple leaf teapots still remain popular after many years. Now his yakishime (fired at a high temperature unglazed stoneware) items charm his fans. The impressed decoration such as leaves, flowers etc. is done manually with hand-made tools. The flower inka impress tool (see the picture on the left) is made of soft paste porcelain which gives a firm impression.

The leaves are impressed with the wooden tools which he has in his hand in the picture on the left. The wooden tool gives a softer touch than the paste porcelain stamp. The picture on the left shows the cup after firing. The teapots or cups with gold motifs are painted with gold at this stage and fired at a lower temperature again.

Seiho gives precedence to design when making his teapots. According to him, he often imagines a story to go with the pot he's making! Many teapots made by other Tokoname craftsmen may have more to offer in terms of functionability, but Seiho's teapots have a distinctive character and the ability to delight teapot lovers everywhere with their elegant style.