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Kyoyaki hand-painted Phoenix and Dragon yunomi by Unsen

This sumptuous yunomi by the Kyoyaki craftsman Unsen is the result of a careful process. Starting with it's creation on the potter's wheel, the cup is then sculpted with a special tool to create the slight indentations around the bottom. The sometsuke design is subsequently painted on. Finally the overglaze designs and "aka dami" red background are added. Redolent of the classic designs of bygone days with its mystical subject matter and fine details, this expertly hand-painted yunomi is a very special piece and sure to become a prized possession.

Size: diameter 2.9" (7.5cm), height 3.9" (10.1cm)
Capacity: 270 ml (8.5 oz)

Hand-crafted in Kyoto, Japan by master of Art and craft recognized by the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry of Japan, Kato Unsen II

US$380.00 SOLD

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